Friday Factoid: “Seven Bridges Road”

0–By Brandon

Steve Young originally wrote and performed “Seven Bridges Road,” a song that became famous when the Eagles recorded it in 1980. The song was inspired by a trip to Montgomery, Alabama, in which a group of Young’s friends showed him a road that led out of town with moss-covered trees (as depicted in the song)–possibly Woodley Road. Young thought his friends had invented the name “Seven Bridges Road,” as there were seven bridges to cross before reaching the dirt road in the country, only to find out the road had been so named for over a hundred years. The Eagles used “Seven Bridges Road” as their concert opener in every show until the release of “Hotel California.” During that period, the band would warm up by singing that song in a locker-room shower together. The Eagles never recorded this song in a studio, so the only available versions are live from concerts. Young passed away six weeks ago in March, two months after Glenn Frey also passed away.