Updated (or not!) Shorecrest Parking Information

Here is a reminder about the parking situation at Shorecrest Performing Arts Center for our upcoming Pops shows on June 1st and 2nd–which basically has not changed since our holiday shows last December (right after the newly remodeled theater opened).

The ongoing Shorecrest High School construction project continues to affect theater parking.

The parking lot that used to be “behind” the theater is still a construction yard and therefore unavailable.  There are three available parking lots: two lots south and one lot north of the theater.  There also is street parking in the area.

The drop-off area for accommodation access to the theater is along the circular drive that runs in front of the school, and there is a ramp leading up to the theater.  Please be aware that the ramp does have a slight incline.

We will have signs posted to assist you in locating the parking lots and drop-off area.

Here is a map showing the parking lots and drop-off area: